Product Development Software Engineer

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  • Full-time
  • Engineering

About EZO

EZO started in 2011 as a bootstrapped company with a mission to enable businesses to maximize the ROI of their assets. As a SaaS company with over 180 employees and 3000+ clients, we take pride in our passion and drive to build amazingly easy-to-use and insightful data-driven software.

Some of our amazing customers include Amazon, BBC, Buzzfeed, CNN, Disney, Fox Sports, Intel, NASA, Netflix, Polycom, Petronas, SNAP, Styker, 3M, and Harvard Medical School. Our software brings assets under control, ensuring they are in the right place, at the right time, and available when needed 

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Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Design and develop the PVM Core Engine using Python, Java, or C++ with a focus on scalability and security.
  2. Develop agent software for MacOS, Windows and/or Linux.
  3. Analyze cybersecurity fundamentals to create robust vulnerability assessment and threat modeling frameworks.
  4. Employ network security practices and secure coding to safeguard patch management communications.
  5. Manage complex databases and utilize DevOps practices to ensure rapid and reliable deployment of updates.
  6. Leverage cloud computing for scalable infrastructure for efficient application management.
  7. Develop and maintain APIs for seamless software component integration and ensure version control with Git.

Essential Skills:

  1. Cybersecurity Knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity principles, including vulnerability assessment and risk management.
  2. Network Security: Proficiency in network protocols and encryption techniques.
  3. Database Management: Expertise in both SQL and NoSQL database management.
  4. DevOps and Automation: Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and automation tools.
  5. Cloud Computing: Strong understanding of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud platforms.
  6. Containerization & Orchestration: Experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
  7. API Development: Solid background in API development and integration.
  8. Version Control: Proficiency in using Git for version control.

Additional Considerations: Recognize the evolving nature of AI and be prepared to adapt skill sets accordingly.